⭐ Customer Support or Customer Experience

⭐ Customer Support or Customer Experience? Turning A Cost Center Into a Revenue Driver

This week on the DTC Podcast, we delve into customer experience and automation to elevate your brand’s interactions. The goal? To drive growth and loyalty.

Joining us are Kevin Gould, Co-founder of Glamnetic, and Romain Lapeyre, Co-founder and CEO of Gorgias. They discuss how Glamnetic soared during the pandemic and how, with Gorgias, they’re transforming their customer service (and experience!) with AI.

If you want to turn customer support into a proactive, delightful experience this episode is for you. Ready to learn the secrets? Let’s go! 👇

🚀 Glamnetic’s Explosive Growth Story

Glamnetic’s growth story is one for the DTC books. After hitting $1M in their first year and growing from $1-50M in their next, they knew that their reactionary approach to customer support through their rapid expansion wasn’t the goal going forward.

Partnering with Gorgias presented a shift from reactive customer support to proactive customer experience. ⭐

🔄 From Reactive Support to Proactive Experience

Many brands don’t consider whether to just do the baseline: answer tickets, or go the extra mile to turn interactions into more meaningful experiences. With Gorgias, Glamnetic chose the latter—to create connections and touchpoints with their shoppers that would convert into higher customer lifetime values (CLTV).

By integrating Gorgias, Glamnetic ensures instantaneous communication and leverages AI to automate while maintaining a personal touch.  

AKA, they can get through all those tickets while still running unique initiatives like their monthly “just because” gifts that create memorable customer experiences and drive word-of-mouth.

🤖 Leveraging AI with Gorgias

People want to be heard and cared for, and Gorgias’ AI helps brands deliver that at scale. 

Repetitive tasks get automated, and support agents have more free time to focus on deeper CX opportunities. When you send a message in the chat box, you’ll get an answer that’s actually helpful. No more, “expect a reply in 2-3 business days.” ❌

Glamnetic and Gorgias’ joint goal is to reach 70% automation. Is this about cost reduction? No. It’s about freeing up the team to engage in manual processes, like their Facebook group, GlamFam, to increase engagement, positive touchpoints with the brand, and overall customer value.

Kevin notes that customers interacting through Gorgias touchpoints have higher LTV, showing that supporting your customers is a revenue generator, not a cost center. 💸

👀 What’s The Future of AI In CX?

Glamnetic focuses on constant innovation, fixing hiccups in the customer journey, and finding new ways to delight customers. They’ve been with Gorgias since day one and are more focused than ever on using AI to continuously improve their customer experience through all stages of the funnel. 

Why has the relationship stood the test of time? Kevin from Glamnetic says it’s because Gorgias listens to their customers. They deliver features and improvements based on what the brands using the platform actually want. Most recently, implementing features like a TikTok Shop integration and discount codes in conversations. 

For more on how Glamnetic, with the help of Gorgias, is setting the gold standard in customer experience, tune in to the full episode. 🥇

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