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Delivered twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the DTC Newsletter is your weekly digest of the most valuable developments and ideas about customer acquisition for direct to consumer brands. In 10 minutes twice a week, DTC will keep you feeling caught up with DTC marketing, with insights that lower your CaC, raise your AOV and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

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Charles Wasserman

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"In a world of information overload, curators like the DTC Newsletter are incredibly valuable to staying ahead of the pack."

Josh Elizetxe

"I love it. Your newsletter is about the only thing I listen to regarding DTC marketing."

TA Bledsoe

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Five years into the direct to consumer revolution started by companies like Bonobos and Purple Mattress, we’re already into the second wave. 

DTC will give you ready-to-use strategies that you can implement today to see results tomorrow, keeping your company riding high as the DTC wave rolls on.

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