Your Cheatsheet for Holiday Email Campaigns

Hey, fam – are you burnt out from BFCM and struggling to keep the momentum going into the holidays? 😵

We hear ya loud and clear.

So we’re gonna do you a solid and give you three ideas for quick and easy campaigns to send over the next few weeks! Check it out.  👇

🎁 Gifting guides

Let’s face it, finding the 👌 perfect 👌 gift can be hard work. That’s why gift guides are so clutch this time of year – your customers want ideas for presents.

So, give the people what they want! Curate your best gift guide and send it out as a campaign – just like these brands below:

Source: Really Good Emails

P&Co’s email is a solid example of a basic gift guide campaign. Their hero image takes you to a gift guide they’ve curated with some of their best-selling products. We also love how they’ve grouped gifts into gender and price categories for easy shopping directly in the email. FYI: Highlighting “under $X” is a great strategy for gifting!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your gift guide email! This email from Four Sigmatic is a great example of how to go above and beyond to make your customers smile. “Here’s Some Inspo” takes you to a curated gift guide on their site with holiday bundles and samples for stocking stuffers. Love it! 🍄

Source: Really Good Emails

Check out the addition of “Create & Share a Wishlist” in this email from NoBull, which is a genius idea to entice gifting. Wishlists make it easy to tell people exactly what you want without *telling* them what you want…Ya know? 😉 This would be a great strategy to test out over the holidays!

📦 Shipping deadlines

POV: You’ve found THE perfect gift, but at checkout, you spot the dreaded words…

“Delivery: December 26.” 😖😖😖

The best way to keep this from happening to your customers? Send out shipping deadline emails!

Not only will these emails prompt shoppers to get their gifts on time, but they also add a built-in sense of urgency to encourage sales.

Source: Chase Dimond Newsletter

These don’t have to be fancy, folks. This simple text-based message from Cadence gets the job done! Consider sending an email like this a few days before your shipping deadline.

Source: Smartr Mail

This is another straightforward but effective shipping deadline email from Vuori. We love the sense of urgency and the addition of gift guides further down in the email. The only thing we would add is to make the deadline of “tomorrow at 9 AM PST” bolder so it stands out more in the text block. You could send something like this a day or two before your deadline as a simple reminder.

Source: Smartr Mail

TeePublic really nails this “last chance” email. We LOVE the strategic use of a dynamic countdown timer to add an immediate sense of urgency (here’s how to create your own in Klaviyo). Plus, there’s a clear, compelling offer and CTA above the fold, aaaaand a summary of when shoppers need to order their gifts to get them by Christmas for different shipping methods. Killer. 👏

💡 Pro Tip: All three of these emails would make for one fabulous shipping deadline campaign!

  1. Text-based email 1-2 weeks before shipping deadline.
  2. Simple graphic email 1 day before deadline.
  3. Conversion-focused email with live countdown of the day of deadline.

⌛ Last-minute shoppers

Soooo, what about all those shoppers that inevitably ignore your shipping deadline emails (We’ve all been there on December 23 and still have NO clue what to get so-and-so. 🤷)?

"Cut them some slack with a last-minute email campaign", we say! Here’s your inspo. 👇

Source: Drip

Promoting gift cards as a last-minute gift is a tried-and-true strategy that can work well during the holidays – especially if you pair it with hilarious copy like Chubbies.

Source: Chase Dimond Newsletter

Discounting your gift cards like this email from Winc is another amazing way to incentivize last-minute gifting. The gift-giver feels like they’re getting a great deal, and brands will often make back the discounted amount later on the purchase (shoppers tend to spend 20-50% more with gift cards).

Source: Drip

This offer from BarkBox is, indeed, crazy. But if you can swing something like free rush shipping, it could be a solid way to reach those last-minute shoppers!

Here's your inspo for holiday campaigns! We hope these help you convert new leads from Black Friday, capitalize on this gifting season, and end Q4 on a high note. 🚀

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