You Say Jump, We Say How Short

🏆 New format, new possibilities

TikTok has taken the world by storm with huge potential to create social media trends that cascade its competitors' platforms.

At the moment, short-form content is one of the most effective ways to broaden an audience.

And luckily for you, shorter content has expanded again and now lives beyond just Instagram, Meta, and TikTok. The latest development comes from YouTube in the form of Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are 15-60 second videos to engage viewers with highly shareable content.

Shorts have become yet another way to hook audiences on the world’s most popular video streaming platform, whether you update your current audience with a quick message or appear in someone's suggested content reel. 🎥

💰 Money, honey

Ads consist of a 45% revenue share for YouTube to favor a 55% share for creators. This will be reversed for creators that opt to run ads in between Shorts. The change is likely to offset the cost of licensing music for YouTube’s library, which creators can leverage.

While this change allocates less revenue for creators, it encourages the creative freedom seen on other platforms owed to its heavy reliance on musical content (we’re lookin’ at you, TikTok!)

📝 The how-to

To create Shorts, there are a few steps to go through first. You’ll want to create a Google Ads account and link your YouTube channel.

From your Google Ads account, create a video campaign. While Google’s video breaks down the process effectively, there are some key areas to consider:

  • Try both guided and unguided campaigns . Know the limits of the tools and experiment with Google’s algorithm.
  • Target mobile devices in campaigns. Shorts are highly successful because of the mobile audience. Even the format of Shorts caters to the size of mobile devices.
  • The Display Network can alter the visibility of your ad.
  • The higher your budget, the more often your ads will be shown. Google recommends an initial daily budget of $10 - $50.

When selecting a video for an ad campaign, you can use a previously made Short or video by copying the URL of the content from your Channel and pasting the link on the campaign creation page in the Create your Video Ads section.

Alternatively, creators can run ads between Shorts to generate a passive income. If you qualify for monetization on YouTube and receive payouts, you may also receive a bonus from the YouTube Shorts Fund !

👶 The rookie

TikTok was the fastest-growing social media platform in 2021. With YouTube’s vast audience, publishing short-form content will open the possibility of further growth on the platform with a broader range of content.

The more forms of content, the more people will become part of your audience. You will never appeal to everyone, but you can always appeal to more.

Have you dipped your toes into YouTube Shorts? If so, reply to this email and let us know how they’re working out for your brand. Happy filming!

You Say Jump, We Say How Short

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