Ultimate Guide to Q4 Amazon Success

Success on Amazon in Q4 is primarily built in the first three quarters of the year. 


You’re building the 3 R’s: Rank, Reviews, and Relevance.

Building up your 3 R’s allows your brand to be in the best possible position to capitalize on the increased traffic when it arrives on Amazon. 

So, what should you do during Q4 to maximize your success? 

The Pilothouse Amazon team broke it down into four buckets:

  • Promotion strategy
  • Main sales days strategy
  • Advertising and creative strategy
  • Inventory strategy

Today we’re covering bucket number one. 

Let’s dive in: 👇

1️⃣ Promotion strategy

Promotions on Amazon are significantly more limited than what’s possible on the typical ecommerce/DTC side of things. 

While it’s tempting to test tiered offers and bundles to boost average order value (AOV), a plain-ol’ discount will generally perform best on Amazon because it displays well to the customer and appeals to the search algorithm.  

You may have to meet minimum discount requirements to be eligible for specific placements for Prime Day or BFCM. Although these requirements vary a bit depending on the brand, typically, these are a minimum of 20% off. 💸

So, what promotions should you use to crush big Q4 days?

The Pilothouse Amazon team recommends these three main types of promotions to maximize your output on big shopping days. 🛒

🤝 Deals

  • What are they? Paid placements available for select high-volume products.
  • Benefits: The best option for high-traffic days to maximize visibility and sales.
  • Considerations: Pay attention to the scheduled dates and times, especially for lightning deals. If the timing doesn’t align with the main sale day, it might be better to cancel the deal.

🔐 Prime exclusive discounts

  • What are they? Discounts available only to Amazon Prime members.
  • Benefits: Products will receive a special sales badge on promotion day if the discount meets the minimum requirement. This badge helps avoid being filtered out in search results during high-traffic days.
  • Considerations: Can be scheduled up to, or sometimes on, the event day(s).

🎟️ Coupons 

  • What are they? Specific event coupons scheduled for big shopping days.
  • Benefits: A possible option for brands planning on running a smaller discount as the minimum needed is typically lower than other discount types.
  • Considerations: Generally don’t generate the same lift as deals or Prime Exclusive Discounts.

Catch ya next time for the main sales day strategy. 👋

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