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When you first sign up for the DTC Newsletter, we ask about your biggest business challenge.

Recently, we’ve seen you writing in about having too few hours in a day and the struggles of being a one-person marketing team.

So this week on All Killer No Filler, we sat down with the Pilothouse Pilot Program to discuss how smaller brands and teams can test and scale to the moon. 🚀

👩‍✈️ What is the Pilot Program?

The Pilothouse Pilot Program helps small to mid-sized brands scale like the ones you see on the Fortune 500 list (just with a portion of the budget).

The team works quickly and efficiently to ensure you find, create, and scale winning creatives. Brands that have worked with the Pilot Program start small and scrappy before seeing what sticks.

Here’s the action plan: 👇

Week 1 – Test up to 50 creatives with a small amount of spend behind each (think $5). Testing this many helps the team understand what’s working and what’s not for both creative angles and copy.

Week 2 – Once you get a feel for your golden ticket, it’s time to start iterating! Use the angles to test pages and presells vs. collections for your brand. At this point, you’ll begin to understand things like, “hmmm, my UGC works better when it’s paired with a testimonial ad copy.”

Beyond – Once a baseline of what works is uncovered, it’s time to scale to the moon. The teams work together to make sure all tracking is in place (and working) and that all your platforms are set up for success. The ultimate goal is no revenue return dips.

Here’s the outcome: 💥

These are real stats from brands who have worked with the Pilot Program!

  • Brand 1 saw a 130% increase in 2022 YoY revenue and can now invest more heavily in other services.
  • Brand 2 saw a 40% increase in 2022 YoY revenue and went from making $100k to $200k per month.
  • Brand’s 3 and 4 saw a 66% and 81% increase during Q3 vs Q2, respectively.
  • Brand 5 had a 20% uptick on site conversion rate quarter over quarter.

To learn more about the Pilot Program, its structure, and how it can get you up and running with the big dogs, check out the full podcast episode here! 🚀

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