The Power Of Youtube Shorts

Lightning fast advertising

People seem to just absorb content at speeds we’ve never seen before. This is, in no small part, due to the exponential growth of TikTok.

As brands adapt to TikTok-like content, they’ve developed a portfolio of highly visual and targeted content waiting to be put to good use. Now is the time to review your ad portfolio and designate some of that content for shopping through YouTube Shorts.

Brands can incentivize viewers to purchase products directly from Shorts in Youtube’s latest push into ecommerce.

This initiative follows competitors TikTok and Meta, each with their own push into the ecommerce landscape. As short-form content is one of the top priorities within each of these platforms, it could be possible to generate highly transferable content woven throughout your social media channels.

💪 It’s a win-win

Creators can also opt to provide referral links through short content to earn a commission. This is a great incentive for creators to partner with brands and puts their best foot forward.

🐝 Cross pollination

In addition to creating and allocating content for YouTube Shorts, keep your most engaged creators in mind. A commission-based revenue through a referral link offers an amazing opportunity for your brand and the creator to make worthwhile content for your viewers.

⚖️ Less is more

The new program is currently available to US creators with eligible customers in Canada, the US, India, Brazil, and Australia. Luckily there are plans to expand this program to more countries in the future.

Are you planning to take advantage of this new feature? Would you approach the new program with a completely different ad style or cater existing ads to fit a shorter format? The one thing we all know for sure is that less obstacles = more conversions.

With so many different ways to showcase your brand, there is never really one tried and true formula that can apply to everyone, but generally, the easier you can make the checkout process, the better!

The key is to be where your audience is. The new checkout feature for Shorts can be the best way for narratively-driven marketing teams to speak to their audience directly through YouTube.

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