Taylor Fraser, Marketing Director at Outway Socks, took to Twitter to spread the knowledge of building new top-of-funnel landing pages.

Taylor Fraser, Marketing Director at Outway Socks, took to Twitter to spread the knowledge of building new top-of-funnel landing pages.

Here are some elements Taylor outlined in his tweet that you can steal for your own pages today! 👀

🤔 Viewport content

Your visible or loaded viewport is the portion of the screen shoppers see currently visible in their browser. Use your viewport to its full advantage and flaunt your stuff!

Shoppers make decisions within seconds of being on your page, so ensure you give them a well-thought-out and clear customer experience.

Your initial viewport should contain:

  1. A strong hero image that’s product-focused
  2. A bold and confident statement
  3. A clear and instructive CTA (bonus points for creativity)
  4. An element of social proof e.g. star ratings, top reviews, etc

🏆 We’re #1, we’re #1

Your landing page is not the place to be humble… Show shoppers why your products are leaps and bounds ahead of competitors!

Explain why your product exists, share technical features, and use imagery to show how and why your product is better. 💪

Here’s how Outway has it covered:

🚨 Readers aren’t going to read every word on your landing page. Make the content easily readable, digestible, and skimmable. Check out the bolding they use to draw your eyes to key points.

👏 Options people, we need options

Potential shoppers may not fall in love with the first product of yours they see, so ensure they know that options are on the table!

For Outway, they show design options. If you’re a clothing brand and your landing page is focused on a t-shirt, you may show all the color choices you have available.

🤯 Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

Most are skeptical of buying from a brand that has no reviews and no real people seen using your products…

Utilize your landing page to show (1) real people use them in their everyday lives and (2) they love them!

Long-winded reviews aren’t needed. Grab a few sentence reviews to show personality.

If you’re able, add trust and validity to your brand by showing your trusted partners (if you don’t have ‘em, get ‘em). If that’s not an option for your brand right now, add links to articles that talk about or mention your brand.

🌟 Your product does WHAT?

Grab your greatest product's unique selling points and highlight them! Taylor suggests 2-4 consumable schools of thought.

Outway created custom icons for each selling point and made the titles descriptive enough that shoppers don’t actually need to read the copy below to get the gist.

🤩 The one where shoppers click ‘buy now’

You’re educating potential shoppers, but the ultimate goal is conversions! Every few flicks of the thumb down a page, add a CTA.

As you near the end of your landing page, direct users to other product categories on your site. Taylor also suggests adding reminders of shipping and return policies, warranties, product guarantees, etc., to reduce shopper uncertainty. 👍

Include a section covering your brand's key frequently asked questions, pop in a final CTA, and voila! A killer landing page that gives scrollers all the info they need to go from potential shoppers to shoppers.

That’s a wrap! Looking for more details and examples? Check out Taylor’s full thread here. 🧵

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