Quit hiding negative comments on your socials 🙅‍♀️🙈

Ok. So we know your social team has the impulse to delete or hide negative comments to keep things positive on your social feeds.

But what if we told you that you’re actually missing out on a major opportunity for your brand when you delete negative comments!

Reframe your approach to negative comments as an opportunity to educate, and respond to as many negative comments as possible.

Your immediate goal is to help the commenter out. What do they need? How can you solve their issue? Try to turn the situation around and make it pleasant and memorable.

Your long-term goal is to provide info for future customers reading the comments, so they 1️⃣ see that your brand has rockstar customer service who genuinely cares about their community, and 2️⃣ avoid the same issue that sparked the conversation in the first place!  

Harness negative comments and transform them into an educational platform. 💪🔥📣🎉

When is it ok to hide comments? Well, trolls are gonna troll! 👹 When you’re dealing with a lost cause, you can tell pretty quickly—it’s ok to hide comments from those you simply can’t appease.

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