Quick Tips to Crush Q4

The crew over at Pilothouse is full of seasoned Q4 pros (we can vouch for that!). 

What else can we vouch for? These five quick tips you can steal to ensure your brand’s 2023 Q4 is uber-successful. 🛍️

1️⃣ Stock up on inventory

Review trends from the previous Q4 and the last 30 and 90 days to project your needs for this year. 

Consider new SKUs launched this year, what variants are most popular, and if there are shifts in bestsellers based on seasonality. ☀️

2️⃣ Begin prospecting early

Start prospecting in September (aka right now) to help generate problem awareness and potential solutions early. This approach will help grow your retargeting audiences and expand email lists in time for the peak season. 

3️⃣ Make sure payment methods are set up across platforms

Check that all credit cards are valid and that you have backups added. This goes for Facebook, Google, Klaviyo, Shopify, Amazon, etc. 

Depending on the platform, you’ll also want to find out if you have any spend limits and get those increased before Q4. 💸

4️⃣ Stay healthy! 

Lots of marketers have full plates through Q4, but it’s important not to leave your mental/physical health on the back burner. 

Make space to have healthy snacks and head out for a walk. Getting fresh air and exercise can also help brainstorm your next top angle. 👀

5️⃣ Plan, strategize, and execute

There’s nothing worse than heading into Q4 with no plan. A lot of time and energy goes into planning creative, copy, targeting, spend allocation, channel mix, etc. Take a broader view and devise a strategy to dominate Q4.

Looking for some extra support this Q4? Reach out to the Pilothouse team for a free, no-obligation exploratory call today.

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