Quick Tips for Writing Landing Page Headlines That Crush Part 2

A great headline promises that you’ll solve a problem. ✅


All headlines should include your company’s value props. 


Try using the “4 Us” to create a compelling headline: 

  • Urgent 
  • Useful 
  • Unique 
  • Ultra-specific 


Determine the most important “U” for your brand and make that the headline. 


Fit the rest of the “Us” in your subheader or body copy. 


🚀 The five types of headlines: 

  1. Question: “Can This Professional Home Teeth-Whitening System Disrupt an Entire Industry?”
  1. How-to: “How to Successfully Write a Presell Page Guaranteed to Convert” 
  1. List: “Ten Copywriting Tips That are Proven to Convert” 
  1. Quotation: “The Task Management App Every Startup Should Use – Business Insider”
  1. Teaser/Curiosity: “When Fortune 500 Companies Need to Hire Copywriters, This is Where They Go”


Landing pages are CRUCIAL, so make sure you're doing everything in your power to optimize them! 

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