Q4 Email Content Guide

News shock: your emails need to be either educating or entertaining (preferably both!)

This week on the All Killer No Filler podcast, we chatted about how big of a piece of the pie email can be for your business. 🥧

Steal these tips and insights to make sure you’ve got your emails on lock this Q4. No missed sales opportunities happening here.

😳 P.S. You’re wrong

The biggest hesitation the team sees when onboarding new clients is that email is hard work. Email is so technical that most don’t understand the nuances of how to effectively build, manage, and segment your list.

If you’re a brand that’s been putting email on the back burner, it’s time to switch it to the beloved front right burner (everyone’s favorite, right?!).

The buildup to Q4 is so important and needs to be prioritized. If you haven’t already, start running your lead gen campaigns yesterday.

😇 Where you lead, I will follow

There are so many offers to consider for lead gen: early bird access, exclusive discounts, first dibs on product drop day, VIP access… However, the goal is to get quality leads who actually intent on converting.

It may cost you a few extra bucks for acquisition, but we suggest running your lead gen ads on Meta and directing users to a specific landing page.

When you take the time to create your own landing page, you’ll find yourself with better quality leads with higher intent. Trust us here, quality leads are worth the money.

You may also want to consider offering discounts for new leads on the list, e.g, giving them a discount right off the bat and also an exclusive offer.

🎨 Getting crafty

Your email design and copy are vital to your campaign success. If you’re not offering education or entertainment, chances are you’ve lost your audience. 👋

Here are some elements you can’t miss out on:

  • Present your offer strongly. Don’t use vague wording, show specific numbers, and be clear and concise
  • Implement a merchandising section. Show off your best offers/products.
  • Communicate the savings. Present the audience with “then vs. now” pricing.
  • Highlight any installment plan options. Demonstrate accessibility and ease of purchase.
  • Test a more personalized approach. Send an email from your founder, why your brand has created the offer, etc.
  • Have fun! Make pun and be relatable. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird with it (and test to see what lands!)

For more tips on adding scarcity and urgency to your Q4 email campaigns and creating a creative and compelling offer that shines through, listen to the full pod here! 🔥

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