New Shopify Roll Outs!

🛍 New Shopify Roll Outs!

Pretty much everyone everywhere has heard of Shopify, right?

You know… The world-leading e-commerce merchant that is responsible for generating over $319 BILLION for the global economy since its launch in 2006?

Recently, the mega-merchant dropped some killer new features to help e-com brands scale.

We've unpacked the must-know new features that are ready and waiting to help you reach your growth goals.

🙋‍♂️ Audiences feature

Running Facebook ads? You have to check out Shopify’s new feature, Audiences. It’s Shopify's answer to your lowering returns on Facebook ads by utilizing a network of high-intent buyers specific to your store.

🧐 How it works

It’s a shared audience network that generates a list of high potential customers by collecting mass conversion data to generate custom audiences across selected merchants on Shopify.

You’ll have data on buyers that are most likely to purchase the type of product you want to sell more of based on their past purchase behavior shared by opted-in Shopify merchants.

In theory, Audiences could be a great way to generate lookalike audiences to enhance your top of funnel targeting. You’ll be able to locate high-intent buyers and help your paid ads perform better while decreasing those conversion costs.

⏰ The processing time feature

Ordering that high ticket product from Sweden just got a little less stressful. Shopify has added an estimated delivery date feature that will legitimize your store while offering your customers with their product delivery certainty.

This new feature combines your median:

  • Time to fulfill an order
  • Time to deliver

The data stated above is collected from your shopify reports and creates an accurate shipping rate in checkout for your customer just by using your historical data. This will give your customer a delivery window at checkout and strengthen the trust between your Shopify store and customers.

💻 Shopify adds 3D and augmented reality previews

Winning buyer confidence is a constant battle these days, especially with some platforms wheeling and dealing some “not-so-great” products.

Shopify recently added the ability to feature 3D and AR previews for all merchants in your store. Ensure your shopper's product certainty and conversion by providing visual answers to all their questions right from the product detail page. 📌

Shopify states that merchants that added 3D product content to their stores saw a 94% conversion lift. 📈

Take advantage of these features by adding the Shopify channel and uploading 3D content of your product to your catalog on Shopify. The 3D and AR features will automatically appear on your product detail page. Easy as that!

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