More Leads With Meta Ads

Generating valuable leads can help skyrocket the success of your business, and Meta is here to help. 

Meta is offering new lead-generating ad experiences and some stylish alternatives to elevate your ad game and zero in on your audience.

🎯 Lead Gen Ads make customer information acquisition intuitive for both brand and user. Lead gen ads contain pre-populated forms that a user can complete to provide more information to your brand.

✏️ Multiple choice questionnaires followed up with a direct link to your website help brands (as per Meta):

  • Understand consumer needs
  • Identify eligible consumers or potential customers
  • Reach your intended target audience

Meta has attempted to streamline the data collection process so that consumers are more willing to go through the motions of the pre-built survey rather than visit a website and authorize cookies.

☎️ Call ads connect consumers directly to your brand in a few taps. Link your contact information to a call ad so users can call you during business hours and get instant assistance from your team.

Consumers always appreciate a human touch, and when your brand is so accessible, you also gain credibility and reliability. 

📱Direct-to-Message (DTM) ads link your Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, or Messenger account to an ad so you can send and receive messages from consumers at any time. Consumers not only get the assistance of your support team but also receive the benefit of automated responses to FAQs (if you set this up) and other digital resources like links to guides.

😎 Lead Gen Never Looked So Good 

The last thing your customers and business need is a communication breakdown right before the busiest time of year. 

Use these three tactical lead-generating ad strategies to get to know your audience, and you’ll have more data on them than you’ve ever had before.

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