Let's Get Some Data 🕺

TikTok is no superhero. They’re not immune to the iOS 14.5 apocalypse.

TikTok has strongly relied on a single session attribution model for the past two years.

They’ve introduced advanced matching up to seven days post-click, but there’s still some setbacks that make it unreliable. 👇

  • Users are not required to sign up to use the app
  • Often, users don’t add phone numbers or emails when signing up, meaning very little to match in the API
  • When users opt in to App Tracking Transparency, the majority of data is lost if the user exits the funnel, meaning if they use their computer to complete the purchase, there’s likely no attribution on the platform

The team at Pilothouse have been utilizing 3rd party tracking software with a few clients to help attribute some of this lost data and have seen a lift of 50-70% versus what’s seen on platform.

This also fits fairly well with what TikTok has tested and shared with Pilothouse as well. From their own data and tests with clients, Tiktok suspects a 40 - 70% lift in conversions compared to what is attributed on platform.

These are great numbers to keep in mind when running traffic and assessing how you’re doing on the platform! On top of this, consider performing your own tests to determine how much of a lift TikTok has for your brand.

Not sure how to test it? Try this 👇

Pick 3 states to put 100% of your ad budget into. After your test, measure the lift in those states in Google Analytics vs. your historic data. Then compare to on platform numbers.

🔥 Thanks to the TikTok team over at Pilothouse for the great tracking tip.

window.lintrk('track', { conversion_id: 10616324 });