Helping your homepage hero convert


Helping your homepage hero convert 

Oddit’s top five tips to help your homepage hero convert 👇

1. Make ‘Free Shipping’ front and center

Free shipping is a big bonus to a lot of buyers. Customers are less likely to hesitate on the purchase if they see ‘free shipping’ frequently and clearly.

“Front Door Delivery” isn’t a competitive advantage – that’s fairly expected. “Free Delivery” deserves the attention.

2. Make your product the star of the show

Show your product(s) clearly, especially when your packaging is colorful and eye-catching. 

Your primary image should occupy at least 75% of the screen WIDTH on mobile devices.

3. Use social proof!

Social proof is a huge key to building instant trust with new customers. Highlight it at every opportunity within the customer journey. 

Pull in a review count (if you have enough) and your star rating to sit right above your headline or CTA.

4. Page element hierarchy 

Use a design hierarchy that clearly differentiates between the importance of your various page elements. 

Your headline, primary action (Shop Now), and any secondary actions (Read More) should be easy to scan, distinct from one another, and whether there’s an action or not should be obvious at a glance.

5. Highlight your primary action

Your primary action should be the highest contrast, punchiest element on your homepage header. 

Make sure there is a high color contrast between the “type” and “button background.” It needs to be clearly visible at small sizes and on devices with low brightness.

If you want these kinds of tips for your own site, start your own Oddit for free and improve your UX instantly!

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