Get Bidding on Your Branded Search

If you’re wondering if you should be bidding on branded search, the answer is a very simple yes!

Here’s why 👇

Google’s algorithms use account-level signal data when bidding. Your performance data is no longer just tied to the specific keyword or campaign where it is attributed.

Bidding on your own branded keywords provides a very cheap way to gather valuable data.

Google strips down branded search conversions to gather information like demographics, interests, previous Google search history, device type, and much more.

This data is then used to help algorithmic bidding accurately bid on other campaigns in your account.  

You also run the advantage of protecting yourself from competitors who are bidding on your branded keywords.

🚨 Participating in branded search auctions often costs very little. The odds of winning the auction above your ROAS targets are huge. In addition, you are feeding your account with extremely valuable conversion data which will help improve the performance in all your campaigns.

Thank you to Brian from the Pilothouse Google  team for the tip! 🚀

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