Facebook's 20% text rule is no more!

Official word came yesterday from Pilothouse’s Facebook rep that they would be discontinuing their rule that no more than 20% of your ad image can be text.

Of course this means that Facebook’s text overlay tool for testing is now redundant and unavailable. We started noticing that it was removed on most accounts earlier this week. 

The rule seemed arbitrary in a world dictated by total performance, so we’re glad to see them removing it.  

☘️ Evan O’Gorman, Designer at Pilothouse advises the team to test into this opportunity as soon as possible: 

“Since this is a fairly new development, it might be worth testing text-heavy creatives asap - not a lot of agencies/people will be aware of this development so they'll still be following the 20% rule, potentially giving us a short-term window to push really eye-grabbing content as users will not be used to text-heavy creatives.”

There goes your window Evan, now the whole DTC world knows about it. :D

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