DTC 382: Build A Newsletter Community

✏️ Get it in writing

Digital marketing constantly evolves and responds to innovations in technology. 

But one marketing tactic that has undoubtedly stood the test of time in all of this change is… the newsletter. 

It provides a wide range of answers to the question on every marketer's mind, “How can marketers continue to reach and engage their audiences effectively?” 🤔.

Newsletters serve many purposes to brands of all shapes and sizes, but typically, they’re used as a direct line of communication between your brand and its audience. 

And a dedicated, branded newsletter offers an uncompromised platform for consumers who wish to embrace a brand’s voice, culture, and content. ✨ 

The most important aspect to any newsletter is a base of subscribers willing to open its content. Here are some high-level tips on how to grow your subscriber base and get the message out to more people:

🤝 Leverage your other successful channels to drive subscriptions

Are you crushing it on Twitter? Does the whole DTC world follow you on LinkedIn? Do you have a strong presence on IG? 

Great! Use those platforms to discuss your newsletter and encourage followers to subscribe. 

For example, if your brand is making waves on Instagram, tap into that audience’s interests by creating a post about all of the benefits of your newsletter. (Don’t forget to add a subscribe link to your bio!)

While Instagram users are inherently visual consumers, a newsletter could provide additional visual content as well as exclusive education about your product. 

Grow your newsletter with the mindset of offering additional value for those invested in other channels. Being aware of audience interests will allow you to curate specific content, like high-quality visuals for Instagram users, to draw consumers in.

💪 Promote the newsletter in your blog

Email service providers (ESPs) often have some form of intuitive promotion feature built into their platform, including in-lay subscriber forms. 

These are short call-to-action forms or blocks placed within your blog that, once verified, will add a given email to your subscriber list. 

Include these short in-lay subscriber forms in your blog content and encourage blog readers to further engage with your content via email.

💥 Enable site pop-ups

There are several ways to program sign-up prompts as a pop-up on your website. DTC brands will set a discount to trigger when the user provides an email address to the subscriber list.

This works great, but don’t discount the power of the exit pop-up. Some direct site visitors don’t want to be bothered with a pop-up the first few seconds they engage with your site. 

They might want to subscribe, but they don’t want to subscribe right now without browsing your content first. Ask for their email right before they exit to secure a new subscriber.

💌 Collaborate with other DTC newsletters

A subscriber who religiously reads newsletter content from one of your partners (or future partners) will most likely want to read your newsletter. 🙏

Strike up a partnership with your favorite brand or industry newsletter. For example, you can pay for a sponsored slot or offer a cross-promotion. Both options work well for any brand looking to increase discoverability and subscriber counts.

⛓️ Links in videos

If people are engaging with your video content, chances are they’ll also engage with your newsletter. 

Whenever you release a new video, end with a CTA asking users to subscribe. Don’t forget to add the subscription link in the video description or in the video as a card on YouTube. 

🙌 Promote it in your community

Do you run a prosperous online community? Awesome! 

Find ways to add value to your content for those community members and encourage them to subscribe. For example, offering exclusive content, sneak peeks, or special discounts as a thank you and continuous benefit for subscribing to your newsletter.

Not only will this reward subscribers, but it will make them feel like insiders—part of the club. 😎

Make sure it’s easy for community members to find your subscription form, especially if your community has several channels. Using a dedicated Discord channel to promote your newsletter is one option available to most communities that provides a dedicated space for potential subscribers.

💥 It’s in the news

Always keep your finger on the pulse of your community’s needs. 

Responding and adapting to your community is crucial because that’s how you generate new ideas and continuously add value to your content. 

Your community is who the newsletter is for, after all! With so many active and engaged readers, you’ll potentially open a new revenue stream with advertisers asking you for a spot in every issue.

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