DTC 380: Hero Images

There are thousands of products vying for a consumer’s attention on Amazon, and the competition is only getting more fierce. 🐯

You need a surefire way to stand out from your competitors and craft a memorable experience as consumers set eyes on your brand. 

Your secret weapon? A hero image! 🦸

Big, eye-catching hero images need to be the strongest in your creative portfolio because they’re the first thing shoppers will see when browsing for your products on Amazon. 

Are your hero images truly the heroes you think they are, or are they more like a sidekick to the main character? 🤔

If your hero images need a revamp, we’ve got you covered with top-tier design tips from the Pilothouse Amazon team.

📺 Digital to physical

Your packaging needs to do a lot of the visual “heavy-lifting” on store shelves, but on Amazon, you have a dedicated showcase of your product from all angles. 

The Pilothouse Amazon team likes to explore different ways a brand can maximize the performance of hero images and the potential hidden within the format’s limitations.

Amazon shoppers don’t have the luxury of the physical experience, but Pilothouse shows us how to bring so much more to the table with a digital experience.

🦸 Look, it’s Metric-man!

A strong hero image, much like high-quality packaging, increases the chances a consumer will confirm their purchase decision. 

Hero images should eventually increase click-through rate (CTR) and impressions if you utilize their metrics to build future iterations of the creative. 

For example, use Amazon’s A/B test feature, even for small changes, to determine which hero images perform best.

Continually optimizing your hero image can make a world of difference in conversions because that one image can be the difference between a click to your product page or a complete dismissal of your brand.

👏 Leading by example

Here are some hero images created by the Pilothouse team to spark some inspiration! 👇

👁️ Cornea Care - eyelid wipe

Using the packaging and product in a hero image gives the customer a better representation of what they’ll receive. 📦

Showing the box and contents allows the customer to see the product as it would be presented on store shelves. Use packaging in your hero image to transform it into an infographic! 

The more comprehensive your hero image, the more likely people are to click through to your product. 

With so many competitors on Amazon, gaining a click is a big win! Show those shoppers what they’re looking for.

☕ Four Sigmatic - cold brew coffee

There are many reasons why we love this creative, but most importantly, it gives the consumer a look at what the product will be once they make it. ☕

Sure, they probably already know what a cold brew looks like, but having the final product in the image helps present an ideal for your consumers to strive for. 

Dangling a perfectly brewed cup of joe in front of consumers makes them all the more eager to make it for themselves and undoubtedly activates the taste buds. 😋

Add some reflections, shadows, and other real-world elements to ground your product in its digital space and elevate the perception of your product’s quality. 

These few extra touches help your hero stand out in a sea of mass-produced 3D product renders and low-quality photos.

🍽️ FEBU - dish cloths

If you sell a multipack product and have the space, show off each item that comes with a purchase instead of just the packaging. 

If you and a competitor are selling similar products at a similar price point, showing the number of items in a single purchase could be the deciding factor for your consumer.

Show both the product quantity and the packaging to craft a super hero image!

Leverage the benefits of the physical retail experience and flexibility of the digital space to showcase everything you have to offer customers.

👶 Guava - baby products

For products that pack up smaller or have multiple forms, like tents or folding chairs, show each form in the hero. 

Showing ideal and portable versions of your product answers the commonly asked question, ‘is it easily transportable?’ 🤔

If your product has a feature that competitors only show in their listing images, try incorporating it into your hero, too! 

In the above image case, Pilothouse showcased the side of the product opening for ease of access and use in addition to the front.  

The main goal for your hero image is to show as many unique selling points (USPs) as possible without overcrowding it. 

😊 My hero

The Pilothouse Amazon team believes there’s a very fine art in crafting the perfect hero image. It takes time, practice, and revision to nail down the perfect formula for your brand and audience. 

Once you land on a winner, you can sit back and watch the engagement metrics soar and the revenue roll in! 💪

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