DTC 375: Black Backgrounds

Hey you, yes you! We’re letting you in on a little secret… 

Take your top product SKUs and stick them on a black background, one batch with copy and one batch without copy. 


Get them into your Meta account a month before Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM)!

Why a month before?

1️⃣ Meta has time to learn

2️⃣ The creatives have time to build momentum and social proof

3️⃣ YOU get stronger returns on BFCM week 🦾

The Pilothouse Meta team has tested and generally finds that the plain image, yes, the one with no copy, is the top performer.

No copy and a clean background equal a low cost-per-click which, in turn, means more budget to scale and more revenue for your brand. 😎

Yes, it can be as simple as that. Check this out: 👇

No copy, black background:

  • Cost-per-click: $2.58
  • Return on ad spend: 2.89

With copy, black background:

  • Cost-per-click: $4.23
  • Return on ad spend: 1.69

Steal this strategy from the Pilothouse Meta team, and let us know how black backgrounds work for your top product SKUs.

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