DTC 374: Selling With Education

🍎 School’s in session

If you have a niche product the world needs to know about, put consumer education on your radar! 

Education empowers consumers to make informed purchase decisions and showcases your product's benefits. 

Have a seat class. Let’s learn to teach. 

📔 The moral of the story

Tell the story of where and when the idea for your product began, the problem it solves, and its positive impact on people's lives. 

If the founder encountered a problem that could be solved with the product, another person could certainly benefit from having one.

Using a narrative to educate consumers about your product’s short and long-term benefits makes these benefits far more tangible than listing off data and research findings. 

🎁 It’s all in the delivery

While many people love stories, not everyone can write them. And what should business owners do if they suck at writing? 

Use video and talk to your audience! 📹

Video is more engaging for most consumers who use mobile or don’t want to invest the time and attention reading an about page. 🤷

📺 As seen on TV

You may recognize the brand Drops of Heal as a winner from Gordon Ramsey’s television series “Future Food Stars.”

In the show, moderately successful brands compete for a financial investment of Gordon’s own money to help accelerate their growth. 

Andy’s brand of CBD-infused olive oil was chosen as the winner, but Gordon identified a significant hurdle to its breakout success. Education. 

Drops of Heal isn’t to be used like any other olive oil, so Gordon fought hard to develop more educational resources for consumers. This initiative eventually turned the shopping experience into a learning experience. 

Check out the informational video at the bottom corner of the homepage. Andy doesn’t wait for customers to seek out his knowledge. It’s pushed right to the home page because education is crucial for the success of his product. 


Topics are available to select from the pop-up so the customer can tailor their learning experience. This saves the customer’s time and helps Andy deliver the information his audience wants, instantly.  

✏️ Find the author in you

Tutorials, infographics, live demonstrations, and UGC content all help build a more informed audience. 

This should eventually open the door to word-of-mouth advertising that can do wonders for your brand’s growth. What are you waiting for, teach us something extraordinary!

Have you posted any educational videos on your socials yet? What makes your product stand out from the competition? Let us know in a reply!

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