DTC 373: Evergreen Sales Creatives

No doubt you’re constantly testing creatives, and chances are you have one (or a few) in your account that are always on fyah. ❤️‍🔥

So, when it comes to sales or holiday time, do you abandon those creatives and offer exclusively new messaging? 👀 

The Pilothouse Meta team thinks not.

Make sure your Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaigns include some of your top evergreen ads and creatives! Those suckers have been building up momentum all year, there’s no point in turning them off right when things get juicy. 🎉

Across the agency, the team usually sees a one-to-four ratio:

  • One Black Friday creative
  • Four evergreen creatives 

Those BFCM creatives do well when BFCM is beginning, but by the end of the sale period, evergreen ads tend to be better performers. 

🤔 Why? 

If you’re not competing for offer and discounts, you’re competing for unique selling points. 

Once the space becomes saturated with 20% off here, 50% off there BFCM offers, the consumers go to what makes the product stand out. 

The moral of the story? Let your product stand out, and it's okay to shift budgets from BFCM ads to evergreen.

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