DTC 372: Landing Pages for Q4

The most significant sales months in the year are right around the corner.

How are your landing pages looking? 🤔

Now’s the perfect time to ramp up your landing page testing to nail down a winner ahead of Q4. Here’s a few ideas for you to run. 

1️⃣ Split test your images

Use a combination of lifestyle, user-generated content, behind-the-scenes, and product photography. 

Each style will cater to a particular demographic, and finding the option that best resonates with your audience ahead of Q4 will set your brand up for high engagement rates. 

2️⃣ Split test your headlines 

Use high-performing copy from Meta ads, winning angles, unique selling points, and benefits about your product. 

Stop the scroll with an eye-catching headline to drive those click-through rates to the stratosphere! 🚀

3️⃣ Split test the length of your landing page 

Look at your top-performing content. If your top page is a long-form landing page, try trimming it down to flyer size and test against the original winner.

4️⃣ Leverage a contrast test 

Explore two or three different presell page structures. Take elements from your top landing page, such as images and headlines, to give contrast pages the best chance at performing similarly!

5️⃣ Use the presell vs. product display page (PDP) test 

The Pilothouse Meta team runs tests consistently to measure the performance of presell pages and make incremental content refinements over time based on your data. 

They use a proprietary platform called Warpdrive to split test landing pages and often find that presell pages outperform PDPs. 

Here are the results from a recent test with a client in the DTC space: 

👀 Presell: 

  • Earnings per click: $2.10
  • Conversion rate: 4.37%

💻 PDP: 

  • Earnings per click: $1.88
  • Conversion rate: 3.95%

And the presell takes the lead. 👏 

Start testing today to level up your post-click game. Not sure exactly where to start? Reach out to the Pilothouse Meta team today and explore your options.

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