DTC 371: Q4 Offers

Can you believe we’re less than 4 months away from Black Friday?! 👀 

With peak shopping season on the horizon, now is the ideal time to map out offer testing for your brand. Why? The answer is simple—so you can maximize sales this Q4. 

Here are a few test ideas to get you started: 

  • $ off orders $XX or more
  • % off with an exclusive code
  • Tiered offers — Ex. 10% off orders $50+, 15% off orders $75+, 25% off orders $100+
  • Free shipping (if not already available)
  • Free gift with purchase — depending on the product, this can increase the perceived value of ordering
  • Limited-time bundles combined with an attractive discount or free shipping

It’s ideal to start offer testing now. Consider running each test for a set timeframe (think two weeks) or running a split test. 

Based on the data, you should do further testing to find a sweet spot with volume and ROAS. 

Here’s what we mean: If you’re testing 15% off vs $15 off, find the winner and do further variations using higher or lower offers to see the changes in both conversion rates and sales. 

The Pilothouse Meta team ran a split test using 3 offers: 

1️⃣ % off

2️⃣ Free gift with purchase 

3️⃣ Free shipping

Here’s what they saw: 👇

📦 Free shipping

  • CPA: $23
  • ROAS: 1.69

🎁 Gift with purchase

  • CPA: $51.43
  • ROAS: 1.05

💸 15% off

  • CPA: $59
  • ROAS: 0.65

The Pilothouse team was stoked to see free shipping win and continued to iterate on the offer's success through creative and copy iterations. 

Remember that every brand is different, so it’s important to test and follow the data. ✅

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