DTC 370: Q4 Retargeting

If you’re a brand that’s newer to Meta ads, this one’s for you! Here’s how the Pilothouse Meta team has helped brands build a retargeting pool through a prospecting-only giveaway. 👇

What you need:

1️⃣ A landing page that has an email sign-up

2️⃣ Creative/copy to drive traffic

How to get started:

Begin by building two identical prospecting manual setup campaigns with one that has a ‘sales’ objective and one that has a ‘leads’ objective.

Compare which of the two campaigns drives more email signups. Remember that although the ‘sales’ campaign may result in fewer leads, it usually has a few purchases in there. Make an informed decision about which leads are higher intent or ‘stronger’ for your brand. 

Next steps:

Run a giveaway at a low monthly budget. At the end of each month, export your email signups and build yourself a custom retargeting audience. P.S. Yes, you can build lookalike audiences off them too.  👀

This is not a one-time strategy! Use it monthly to build, build, build.

Your giveaways allow you to build your list with people who have expressed interest in your product and simultaneously build lookalike stackers to keep driving in those potential customers.

Use this strategy now to start growing your list before the big sales days coming up in Q4! Want to make sure no one feels left out? Consider mailing your list a coupon or discount code the day after the giveaway closes.

Shoutout to the Pilothouse Meta team for the inside scoop. 🏆

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