DTC 363: Copywriting Formula

Looking for a way to write persuasive copy faster?

Let us introduce you to a simple 7-step formula known as Bob Stone’s Gem. 💎

Bob Stone (aka Mr. Direct Marketing) was a legendary copywriter and author of the “bible of copywriting” who could sell pretty much anything in a few sentences.

His secret sauce? A simple, 7-step formula called Bob Stone’s Gem.

Writers love Bob Stone’s Gem because it’s:

  • Simple and easy to follow
  • Keeps writing focused on the benefits
  • Follows a logical sequence that engages readers
  • Versatile and adaptable to any length or format (sales emails, ads, articles, landing pages, etc.)
  • Time-tested over many decades and hundreds of ads

To illustrate the power of the seven-step process, let’s write out some ad copy to sell our consumers a spatula. 

Check out this quick breakdown of the seven steps and how we used them with ChatGPT to write solid ad copy for our spatula in less than five minutes! 👇

1️⃣ Start with your strongest benefit.

Pick one benefit of your product to highlight in the headline.

This will set your reader’s expectations about what they’re going to read and provide a reason for them to keep reading.

For the spatula, we’ve determined that the strongest benefit is the ability to flip your food safely and with ease so it doesn’t burn.

Chat GPT provided us with a similar answer:

“What is the strongest benefit of using a spatula when cooking?”

Fulfilling the promise of addressing your consumer’s highest pain point in your ad copy is more likely to keep them engaged with your content.

2️⃣ Expand on the benefit.

Describe how the product or offer will positively impact your audience.

We’ve thought of using the spatula to create beautiful looking main courses that will impress our guests without risking a serious burn on our skin or our food, making us look like professional chefs. 🧑‍🍳

Make this part really hard to ignore. Notice how we’ve integrated a social aspect into our value proposition? Our spatula will help all levels of culinary enthusiasts stay safe, appear experienced, and impress their guests.

Detail the transformation your reader will experience by using your product. Avoid the fluff!

Chat GPT leans into the spatula’s versatility once again:

“Expand on point number 1”

3️⃣ Lay out the offer.

Tell the reader exactly what they’re getting using clear, specific language.

Go more in-depth on your product’s tangibles (features) and intangibles (life changes) to broaden its value and usefulness to the consumer. This encourages your reader to keep reading and consider taking action.

Let’s say our spatula is made with non-stick heat-resistant materials to make cooking food and cleaning up afterward easier than ever before.

This statement adds hard data and facts to our copy so our readers know it’s versatile and can save them time during the dreadful cleaning process.

ChatGPT provided a whole list of tangible and intangible benefits, but here are the first results:

“Describe the tangible and intangible benefits of using a spatula.”

4️⃣ Provide proof.

Back up your claims with social proof, reviews, testimonials, case studies, statistics, awards, etc.

Your brand voice is compelling, but humans are highly social by nature. 🌳

A recommendation from fellow consumers is a valuable and reliable piece of content to read through. Reviews will reinforce what your reader is (hopefully) already thinking.

Our spatula doesn’t actually exist, so we don’t have any reviews to slot in here; however, your product does exist! Scan your reviews and bookmark a few that support the claims made in steps 1-3.

Feel free to toss in a few brands that have partnered with you or creators who trust your product to supplement your reviews and testimonials.

5️⃣ What’s at stake?

Explain the consequences of not taking action. What have they got to lose?

Imagine not using our spatula to make pancakes! We’ll surely burn our fingers and transform a perfectly round pancake into a mountainous region of batter trying to flip it by hand.

That would be super embarrassing should it happen in front of anyone who’s come for brunch.

ChatGPT agrees with us:

“What could happen if you don't use a spatula for cooking?”

6️⃣ Summarize.

Sum up the major benefits of your product or offer.

Make it juicy. This is your last chance to hook your reader with the value of your product!

Reiterate your product's most compelling features so your consumer will remember them. If they remember nothing about what they’ve read in your ad, make sure they remember this last sentence.

Our draft states that our spatula is a highly versatile and safe cooking experience that will leave you impressing our guests again and again.

ChatGPT’s response is focused on preserving the integrity of your cookware:

“Detail the most compelling reason to use a spatula when cooking.”

7️⃣ Call to action.

Inspire them to act with your call-to-action (CTA). Ask consumers to “Shop Now”, “Shop”, “Explore” or “Get Flipping.”

Each option is simple but issues a clear call-to-action for the consumer to follow.

CTAs are not the place to include new details.

There you have it: 7 steps to follow to make your next copywriting project a breeze!

If you want to learn more about Bob Stone’s Gem and how to use it as a copywriter, check out this LinkedIn post and this article by Eddie Schleyner of VeryGoodCopy.

Time-saving hack: Plug Bob Stone’s Gem into ChatGPT all at once to help you write better ads at lightning-fast speeds.  ⚡

Check it out…

Here’s what we got:

Introducing the Safecook Spatula: Cook with Confidence and Peace of Mind!

Headline: "Cook Safely and Efficiently with the Safecook Spatula - Your Key to Culinary Confidence!"

Expand on the benefit: "Our Safecook Spatula offers a safe and reliable way to cook your favorite dishes with ease. With its innovative design and top-notch quality, you can feel confident and secure in the kitchen."

Transformation: "Imagine effortlessly flipping delicate fish filets, sautéing veggies, and stirring sauces with precision and without the fear of accidents. With the Safecook Spatula, you'll transform into a master chef, effortlessly handling your culinary creations like a pro."

Proof: "Don't just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers have experienced the difference firsthand. Sara M. says, 'Using the Safecook Spatula has made cooking so much safer and enjoyable. It's become an essential tool in my kitchen!' Join thousands of happy customers who have embraced the safety and reliability of the Safecook Spatula."

Consequences of not having a spatula: "Without the Safecook Spatula, you may be risking accidents, damaged cookware, or even burns. Don't compromise your safety and culinary success. Ensure you have the right tool to cook with confidence."

Benefits and offer: "The Safecook Spatula offers a comfortable grip, heat-resistant design, and a non-slip surface, providing optimal safety during your cooking adventures. Order now and receive our exclusive bundle, including a heat-resistant oven mitt and a recipe e-book filled with delicious ideas. Elevate your cooking experience and feel safe in the kitchen!"

Call-to-action: Click 'Add to Cart' or call our toll-free number to order now!"

While not perfect, this response using Bob Stone’s Gem as a framework is much more creative, specific, and robust! 👏

This whole process only took about five minutes and provides you with a solid framework for a high-performing ad in a single ChatGPT entry. Talk about organization and efficiency!

Try it out and let us know how it works for you ✏️

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