DTC 360: ASC

Looking to take a win from previous creative testing to see if you can apply the learning across more products? 👀

The Pilothouse Meta team has been experimenting with testing creatives in an Advantage + Shopping Campaign (ASC) and a manual setup campaign.

The team tested a green vs. nude background after discovering that green performed better for a specific product. 💚

To see if this was true for other products in the portfolio, they set up campaigns where each creative style got approx. $150 in spend:

🛍️ ASC campaigns

  • One ASC with the nude background statics
  • One ASC with green background statics

🛒 Manual setup

  • Two ads sets in this campaign: one for green, one for nude

Why test both setups? To see if it was worth using ASC as a new way to test creatives!

🔥 Results

In both styles of testing, ASC and manual, the statics with the green background won. However, the Advantage+ Campaigns showed more purchases, a stronger return-on-ad-spend, more link clicks, and a stronger click-through-rate.

This means that although both creative tests found the same winner, the ASC campaign gave the client more revenue than the manual.


Manual setup

When in doubt, test your Meta creatives in ASC to see if it drives more value for your brand! If you conduct this test, reply and let us know which performs better!

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