DTC 355: Funnel Leaks

🚰 Worse than a leaky faucet

Leaky marketing funnels seriously impact your customer retention and revenue. 

Funnel leaks occur when customers don’t complete their consumer journey and drop off your brand at any point from the moment they view an ad to the post-purchase experience.

We don’t know any plumber who can fix these leaks for you, so it’s time to take action. 😉 Let's dive into the strategies and indicators to spot these leaks and fix them with finesse.

🤗 The landing zone

Your landing page from an ad is the red carpet for your product. 🎇

Potential customers who approach your brand should get all the information and tools they need to complete their purchase in just a few clicks.

If you see a high bounce rate or suspicious-looking heat maps on your landing page, shake things up and experiment with different page layouts to entice a purchase. 

You could even switch up some navigational menu items on your website or landing page to give your consumers a better sense of control over their experience.

🛒 To add or not to add…to cart!

Are you finding potential customers dropping off at the ‘add-to-cart’ stage or during checkout? 

Your checkout process might be too complicated or expensive. 🤷

❌ Do guests need to make an account before purchasing? 

❌ Are unexpected costs lurking in the shadows of your checkout? 

💡Are there shipping discounts that could sway a potential customer? 

Being transparent about your pricing model and leveraging bundled product discounts can address these pain points to keep customers coming back for more.

🏇 From the horse’s mouth

Tap into the power of user feedback and surveys! Direct feedback from your customers is a treasure trove of insights. 

Embed surveys in your emails, request reviews from existing customers about their purchase experience, and have conversations with your customer support team to gather valuable information about their interactions. 

Recurring complaints or concerns hold the secrets to spotting detrimental funnel leaks. 😲


Email and newsletter subscribers can be very vocal regarding the frequency and quality of your communication. 📧

Try segmenting your subscriber base to test fresh vocabulary or tone of voice if your subscribers have gone radio silent and aren’t providing the feedback you need. 

A new outlook on communication might just be what your brand needs to hook new customers in and re-engage existing ones.

🧠 Knowledge is half the battle

Patch your leaky funnel by optimizing your customer’s journey. Only then will you be able to watch your acquisition and conversions soar. ✈️ 

There’s no better time than the present to craft a flawless funnel for consumers who crave a delightful and fulfilling purchasing experience.

Have you noticed any leaks in your funnel? What actions can you take to address them? Let us know in a reply!

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