DTC 354: Multi-Product Top of Funnel Ads

🧏 Understanding your audience

Does your creative strategy align with how your consumers actually shop? 👀

That’s the high-level question in this week’s All Killer No Filler Podcast as we dive into the Meta Ads library to craft the most effective multi-product ads for the top of the funnel.

Think of multi-product ads as the digital version of a product aisle. 🛒

They show customers as many products as possible within a single ad, which taps into how consumers shop in physical stores when browsing the aisles. 

🚀 Meta to the max

Brands are broadening their catalog of images within their Meta ads to captivate consumers with variety, just like how a physical store draws you in and compels you to walk its aisles. 

Your digital brand can leverage the same allure as a physical store with a well-designed multi-product ad.  ✨

A product grid is the most straightforward way to showcase a wide variety of products without disruptive elements like a text overlay or the extra user inputs required of image carousels.

Multi-product ads have several formats, including carousels or multi-frames, but the classic product grid remains the most efficient method. 👍

⭐ Movie stars

If you want to leverage video content to showcase various products within a Meta ad, UGC product hauls are a great way to integrate various products into a single video. 

Product hauls are a wishlist brought to life, delivered to a real consumer, who films their reaction as they open all of your wonderful products. 🎁

A compilation of UGC unboxing reactions for individual products can work well here too. 

Instead of one consumer opening their haul, you get a bunch of people’s reactions to your show your brand's mass appeal. Feel free to experiment with different styles of UGC to find the winner for your audience.

Once you’ve stopped the scroll, you’ll need a refined post-click experience to make the most of all those new visitors to your site. 👇

🪄 The illusion of choice

Choice paralysis is real and likely to happen if you don’t funnel your consumers correctly once they’ve clicked on your multi-product ad. 

If your landing page makes it difficult to find the product that caught consumers’ attention in the first place, they’ll bounce right off your site. 😞

Funnel your consumers into well-organized, curated collection pages that feature show-stopping products within the multi-product ad. 

Finding the product they want should never be more than a click or two away! 🖱️

📊 Information overload

Consumers don’t care about the science behind your product (sorry for the tough love). 💔 Your product page should immediately highlight the pain points your product addresses. 

For example, if you sell waterproof shoes, consumers don’t care about what type of microfibers each pair is made of. 

What they do care about is if the shoes are guaranteed to keep them dry. 🦶

Focus on these key areas to refine the language on your product pages: 

  • Address consumer pain points
  • Does your product solve these pain points?
  • Showcase your stellar reviews

🤖 AI assistance

Use AI to compile product grids and side-by-side images of products that were never actually in the same room together, saving a massive amount of time and resources. 💰

AI can also easily generate copy to experiment with to complement your product grids. 


Remember to always review the content provided by AI generators! AI copy is often generic, and its image results can be a little uncanny at times. 😝

Once you are satisfied with the ad's content, add some extra spice to ensure your bestsellers are highlighted in some way amongst the grid of images. 

For example, placing them at the top, adding a little extra color to the background, or having an element differentiating them from the pack. 😎

These products are top performers for a reason so make sure people see them every chance they get. 

📈 Time to maximize!

This is all broken down in this week’s All Killer No Filler, where the content captains at Pilothouse detail the TikTok trend that inspired our digital product aisles, how to optimize your landing pages for mobile consumers, and the origins of the product grid itself! 

If you need to maximize your ad game, look no further than the AKNF Podcast.

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