DTC 350: Amazon

Your Amazon Listings Should be More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Are you a brand that’s fallen into the trap of only showing product pictures in your Amazon listing images? 📸

If so, you’re not alone! 

Many brands are adding front, back, sides, and maybe a lifestyle image or two and using all their bullet points to explain the features and benefits that do the heavy lifting in terms of purchase decisions. 🛒

Here’s what the Pilothouse Amazon team is talking about: 👇

Each support image is simply the product on a white background. No imagery, no selling points, and none of the Liquid Death humor we’ve come to know and love. 😞

Newsflash! Listing images should play a major part in selling products on Amazon. 

This is especially true for mobile shoppers, who scroll a considerable distance to even reach the bullets. 🤷

Every image has to drive value and move a customer closer to a purchase in some way. Whether addressing pain points, highlighting a benefit, combatting an objection, etc. 

Think about the buyer’s journey for your product and use your listing images to guide a customer through it. 

Find the image format and storyboard that works for your brand and duplicate the effort across your listings. This helps shoppers feel like they’re really shopping your brand and not just another listing on Amazon. Check out Javy Coffee for some inspo! ☕

Ready to follow the advice of the Pilothouse Amazon team and take your listing to the next level? Ask yourself, do my listings actually sell products or are they just pretty pictures? If the latter, you’ve got some work to do! 👀

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