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Outside the Content Box: More Ways to Use ChatGPT

♻️ The recap

Last week, we showed you the immense value ChatGPT brought to the table in debugging, optimizing, and even writing website code. Clearly, ChatGPT retained the technical know-how to refine a website but how about dealing with those who interact with the site? 

After testing ChatGPT’s social skills, it’s obvious that AI can be a key support resource by maximizing the efficiency of your team. 

We held more conversations with the chatbot over the last week to see how far we can push its CX capabilities and what you can ultimately do with all of the data you’ll get from its interactions with customers. Let’s dive into the remainder of our findings. 👇

*Due to the limitations of the free version of ChatGPT, we used GPT4 (paid) for this piece!

🤝 Customer service support

As an advanced conversational AI chatbot, ChatGPT has the uncanny ability to respond to questions in a human-like, conversational way.

This skill translates well to the world of customer service (CX). 📱

While mostly human-to-human interactions are still taking place, AI is being used extensively to deliver faster and more efficient support. A handful of large companies like Duolingo, Slack, and Snapchat have recently announced they’ll be integrating ChatGPT into their CX applications. 👀

However, if you’re familiar with Chat’s tendency to spit out falsities with surprising confidence 🤦 you understand why the customer service world is not ready to be run by robots…

But it can still help support your team, especially with basic or repetitive tasks.

For example, when asked, “How can you best assist with customer service for my online business?” it told us:

Imagine automating all of these aspects of your business: How much time, effort, and money could you save… not to mention the efficiency your CX team would run at?! 🤯

But if you’re interested in testing out Chat for CX, it’ll definitely take a bit of work. 

For one, you’ll need to integrate GPT4 into your online customer service platform via an API provided by OpenAI or other AI service providers. 🔌

This API allows your CX platform to send text inputs to ChatGPT and receive generated responses in real time. Ideally, you’d also want to “train up” ChatGPT on your company’s FAQs, important data, and your brand’s tone and style.

In a nutshell, ChatGPT could be really helpful for customer service support. But has its limitations, and is definitely not ready to fully replace human-to-human interactions.

📊 Data analysis

We all know the power of data-driven decision-making…

And we also know the pain that comes from analyzing that data. 🤕

Whether it’s evaluating campaign performance, running pricing models, or forecasting, marketing often requires gathering large sets of data, looking for patterns, and making decisions based on insights.

Could ChatGPT take away some of the headaches associated with marketing data analysis? 👇

Pretty impressive list! 👍

But Chat also told us: “I can certainly provide guidance and advice on analyzing large datasets, but I can’t directly analyze the data for you.”

So yes, ChatGPT can definitely help you analyze data, find trends, and even provide suggestions… but it’s not as easy as throwing in a massive dataset. You have to be willing to invest some time upfront. ⏱️

Specifically, you’ll need to:

  • Define your objectives. Clearly state the questions you want to answer or the insights you're trying to gain from the data.
  • Prepare and clean data. Ensure the data is structured in a consistent and organized manner. Remove duplicates, correct errors, and deal with missing values.
  • Transform data. Convert the data into a format suitable for analysis. This may include normalizing or standardizing values, encoding categorical variables, or aggregating data.

However, if you’re willing to go through a few initial data cleanup steps, the depth of analysis that ChatGPT can perform is pretty impressive. 

For example, you could provide it with your store’s purchase history over the last year, and with several steps of prompts, it could suggest how to optimize the pricing structure of your entire product suite to maximize ROI. Pretty cool!

(Again, lots of YouTube tutorials out there to help you with the nitty gritty!)

❓ It’s all about the prompts

As many of us mere mortals are realizing…

The answer is only as good as the question.

As the “prompter,” ChatGPT’s usefulness lies in your hands. This is especially true with more technical requests like writing code and analyzing data.

So, become a student of the art of prompting! Watch YouTube tutorials, find and use tools like ChatGPT Prompt Genius, and when all else fails, ask the bot itself to help you.

  • ChatGPT can help marketers in several other ways outside of content creation.
  • It can assist with writing, optimizing, and debugging code, which can help build or maintain a website, especially if you don’t have an IT team.
  • With the right integrations and “training,” ChatGPT can support your Customer Service Team by dealing with repetitive or basic support tickets.
  • It can also help you analyze large datasets, find trends, and provide suggestions based on insights.
  • Learning to prompt is key!

💬 Are there other uses you’ve found for ChatGPT? Hit reply and let us know!

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