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Maximize Email Marketing for Q4

🙃 Turn that frown upside down

We’re all too familiar with the typical email marketing cycle. Don’t you think it’s time to flip your emails on their head? 

This week’s All Killer No Filler details a strategy Amazon uses to grow its business so you can leverage the very same tactics in your marketing strategy! 

The key is understanding what your customers want before they go searching for it. 🤔 👇

🪵 Against the grain

Picture a typical email in one of your campaigns. 

We bet there’s a crisp hero image followed by some beautifully staged merchandise and concluding with some dynamic content at the bottom. 

Have you considered reversing this structure? Check this out:

1️⃣ Dynamic content

2️⃣ General merchandising

3️⃣ Beautiful lifestyle imagery

By having dynamic content (like product recommendations) at the top of your emails, you’re finding products for your customers without them having to lift a finger or browse your massive catalog. 

Do the dirty work for your customers and send their wishlist items directly to their inboxes. 📧

🚶One step closer every time

With this strategy, you showcase your best offering, so there’s immediate value associated with your brand’s emails. Your subscribers have already opened your email, so why hold back on giving them what they want? 🤷 

🎁 The gift of growth

Now is the perfect time to develop a flawless Q4 strategy with the reversed email structure in mind. The more time you have to test this strategy, the more refinement and confidence you can bring to the table during the busiest shopping season of the year. 

Give your brand the gift of growth and check out this week’s All Killer No Filler. 🎙️

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