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Generative Fill for Marketers

💪 Unlimited potential

If you have limited time, budget, resources, or a Photoshop Pro on your team that’s just tired of the Content-Aware Fill 😒, you’ll want to check out Adobe’s new Generative Fill. 

When images need a little more flexibility to curate the perfect combination of copy, image, and design, Generative Fill saves the day in seconds.

Generate your wildest ideas or simply add some space for copy to finalize your favorite drafts! Your creative process just became faster and more intuitive than ever, so let‘s get you set up with the tools to get the job done.👇 

🤖 Generative fill 101
  1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Click Beta Apps > Install Photoshop (if you don’t have it already)
  3. Open Photoshop with one of your image files

Let’s keep it simple and add some extra space for copy to the side of your image. This process is only meant to illustrate the power and speed of Generative Fill, but once you’ve learned the ropes with us, what you do with this tool is up to you!

  1. Make a copy of your image layer (CMD + J)
  2. Rearrange the new layer as the background
  3. Disable the background’s visibility
  4. Select the top layer
  5. Enable the crop tool (see fig 1)
  6. Create an area to place your copy by dragging the crop tool’s selection out to the side of the image (fig.2; you should now have a blank canvas to the left or right of the image) 👇
  1. Enable the selection tool
  2. Select the blank area
  3. Select the Generative Fill button

Hint: You can provide a text prompt to guide the generation process or allow the tool to create based on the contents of the image.

  1. Click Generate

There will be some variations for you to select from, so this isn’t a one-and-done deal. Talk about expediting the creative process and making you look good while doing it! 😉

🎉 Trick of the trade

The tool can accurately match any generated elements to the lighting of your original image. It’s very difficult, if at all possible, for consumers to distinguish generated content from original content. Rest assured, this isn’t some lazily implemented feature to degrade the quality of your work.   

Try experimenting with modest to more outlandish creatives! The generated content is a separate layer, so it’s not destructive to your original file.

😏 No background, no problem!

If you have the perfect product shot but no background to back it up, Photoshop has you covered:

  1. Open your image file
  2. Enable the selection tool
  3. Select the product
  4. Inverse the selection
  5. Click Generative Fill
  6. Provide a detailed text prompt to generate a background
  7. Click Generate

🔎 A few small tweaks

Go boast about your handiwork to your peers! This process opens the door to so many new possibilities for your images, but because it is such an expansive tool, it’s not always perfect. 

If you don’t get the results you’re looking for, try adjusting your text prompt or reselecting your content. If that doesn’t satisfy the artist in you, take these images as drafts for future creatives. 

Show us what you’ve been able to create in a reply. Your options are endless, and we know what you’re capable of, so keep the creatives comin’! We can’t wait to hear from you. 🙌

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