DTC 347: Amazon

Dial in Your Competitor ASIN Campaigns

♻️ Low bids, high multipliers, you need it all!

DTC called up the pros at Pilothouse for a quick Amazon tip to round out our weekly Amazon series. The skinny this week is that you should be running low bids with high product page multipliers on competitor ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) campaigns. 🤯

This can get pretty technical but rest assured that Pilothouse has your back and guides you through what this means for your reach and competitiveness in a crowded market. Let’s get into it. 👇

😟 More than you bargained for

One key thing to remember is that some brands don’t realize that when targeting an ASIN on Amazon, they won’t just display on that ASIN’s listing but will also display in Amazon search results for keywords that product is indexed for. 

ASIN listing + Amazon search results = Massive reach

If this sounds messy, that's because it is. 👀 There’s very little control when these two areas are working together. 

🏆 Win them over

You’ve likely identified a competitor’s ASIN to target by certain attributes of their listing that make your listing look more valuable. You may have a  better price point, more reviews, higher quality listing, or more product features but you may not be relevant or competitive in the rest of search placements for that same product. 

The main issue here is that when displaying in “rest of search” placements with a Comp ASIN campaign, you have no insight into what particular keywords you're converting on and no control over specific bids for those keywords.

Ideally, you are hitting all your search placements via manual sponsored product campaigns where you have direct control over the bid.

🔑 Keep it low key

To prevent comp ASIN campaigns from displaying in search results, run low bids that are typically less than $1.00 with a high product page placement modifier upwards of 300%. 

This’ll ensure you’re only displaying on product pages! And means that when looking at performance stats, we can discern if we’re competing against that ASIN and make spend decisions based on that. 

To check if your competitor’s ASIN campaigns are displaying in “Rest of Search”, click the campaign name and select “Placements” from the left-hand side window within your campaign:

🚗 Take the wheel

Knowledge and data put you in full control of who your competition is and how much spend is devoted to making sure your products come out on top with a stellar ASIN strategy. You can only compete when you know who’s in the game! 

Have you revisited your Amazon strategy in the last few weeks? What makes your strategy the best in the game? Let us and the Pilothouse Amazon team know with a reply!

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