Does TikTok Hold The Keys to The Future of eCommerce?

TikTok World 2022 kicked off last week and showcased future initiatives supporting its continued growth in the eCommerce space. 👍

Wondering what you and your brand look forward to? Let’s dive in: 👇

🎬 Showtimes on Tiktok

Showtimes connects users to ticketing partners to purchase movie tickets directly within the app. Pretty cool.

TikTok will optimize your ads to “improve cost-per-acquisition and overall performance,” drastically extending the reach of leading studios and independent filmmakers who debut movie trailers on the platform.

Ultimately, TikTok is looking for ways to normalize spending within its ecosystem and engage younger demographics.

🔭 Focused view

TikTok drives “brand impact” by connecting the most invested users to their favorite products.

Focused view will target those most likely to take action within the first six seconds or users most likely to view the ad for longer than six seconds. This feature will become available to advertisers on October 20th, 2022.

🔑 More features for lead gen ads

Lead generation has been at the forefront of TikTok’s push into eCommerce since January 2022. ⏩

TikTok’s new approach will contain forms with:

  1. New logic settings that allow your forms to adapt their questions based on a user’s previous answers.
  2. Carousel capabilities to allow your brand to add slideshows of up to five images within your forms.

🎨 Updates to the Creator Marketplace

Data from previous partnerships between brands and creators will now factor into the selection process for future partnerships.

The goal is to optimize advertisers’ selection to the most invested creators.

🧭 Creative Solutions Finder

The creative solutions finder consists of a finder and a directory. The finder has a quiz to help plan your next marketing campaign, while the directory offers a self-guided tour through TikTok’s creative tools.

The availability of each tool varies:

  • The Creator Marketplace is available in select regions
  • The Creative Exchange is available to advertisers in North America
  • The Video Editor and Smart Fix are available to everyone
  • Video templates and Smart Videos are available to all gaming and eCommerce advertisers

Check out this guide from TikTok to help identify the right partners and tools for your DTC brand as the holiday season approaches where many opportunities await.

If you learned something new about how TikTok can benefit you this holiday season, let us know in a reply to this email!

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