Discounts to Entice Shoppers

You’re about to enter Q4. Your promo calendar is on lock (if not, steal this one), and your general strategy for the ecommerce busy season is prepped and planned. 📅

Sounds all fine and dandy, right? Absolutely!

But… do you have your specifics on discounts worked out? 🤔

Figuring out what discounts to offer and their details can take time and effort. 💲 You want to make sure that you’re increasing the hype with your audience for conversions while maintaining your bottom line and inventory. 

If you haven’t got as far as discount specifics yet, have no fear! The Pilothouse team put together four quick wins (and four quick losses) to make sure you’re ready when Q4 comes a knockin’. 

$X off when spending over $X

✅ Do: Offer shoppers a $10 off coupon for any product sitewide when they spend over $100.

❌ Don’t: Offer shoppers a $10 off coupon for a product you’re having trouble moving when they spend over $100.

% off

✅ Do: Offer site visitors a % off sitewide discount.

❌ Don’t: Offer site visitors a % off only on a product that never sells.


✅ Do: Offer shoppers a traditional buy-one-get-one deal.

❌ Don’t: Tell shoppers that when they buy product X and product Y, they’ll get product X for free.

Early access

✅ Do: Offer early access to VIP’s to your entire sale.

❌ Don’t: Offer early access ONLY to a new product.

So, as Q4 approaches, keep these takeaways from the Pilothouse team in mind. Discounts can be your secret weapon, but only if you use them wisely. Strike that perfect balance between enticing customers and safeguarding your profits. Happy discounting!

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