Are You Underutilizing Google Analytics for Facebook?

Listen, nobody has time to click around on Google Analytics (GA) to find the shiniest report features… So we’ve done it for you!

The most meticulous Meta team pulled together two reports that you can integrate into your dashboard.

No dilly-dallying here. Reporting is important. 👇

1️⃣ Time to conversion report

This report allows you to select your source and peek into how long an action takes to be completed – aka the days before conversion!

You’ll be able to see conversions all the way back to 90 days! You might find that the majority happen within one day and then two days after that, but each brand is different!

If you’re wondering about product consideration, this report is a must! Review the report and compare different windows of time as you wish.

How to build it:

This one’s lengthy, so follow along.

Navigate to:

Conversions ➝ Assisted Conversions ➝ Clicking on "First Interaction Analysis" ➝ Selecting "Days before conversion" ➝ Selecting your date range AND checking off "Include Last Day's Data" ➝ Clicking "Source / Medium" Below ➝ Clicking on the "source / medium" and voila.

2️⃣ Model comparison tool

If you're ever wondering if you're driving more first-touch or last-touch sales, you can now find answers here!

It's important to note this report is still pretty close to a source/medium report in GA, so it will likely look different than Facebook data or another third-party data partner (as Facebook gets access to different data than GA does in some ways), but it's still interesting to see.

For some clients, this report has come in handy for getting a sense of whether the team should:

  • Invest more in YouTube based on its first-touch data.
  • Consider pulling spend back on any platforms that might be really skewed to last-touch when other retargeting channels are more efficient.

How to build it:

To build the model comparison tool, click the below prompts in your left-side toolbar.

Navigate to:

Conversions → Multi-Channel Funnels → Model comparison tool.

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