Amazon’s Commingled Inventory Nightmare

Amazon’s Commingled Inventory Nightmare

We didn't know this was a thing, but Redditors are talking about the increasing number of fake products they're receiving from Amazon:

"Most recently, I bought a bottle of shampoo that seemed really odd and gave me a pretty serious rash on my scalp. I contacted the manufacturer, and they confirmed it was a fake. Amazon will offer to give your money back if you send it back, but that's all the protection you have as a buyer."

This is happening more and more because of a concept Amazon created called Commingled Inventory. Basically, it works like this:

  • As we know, Amazon has third-party sellers that have their products fulfilled by Amazon.
  • These sellers send in their products to be stored at an Amazon warehouse
  • When a buyer buys that item, Amazon will ship the products directly to buyers.


As more third-party sellers enter the 'mingle', the risk of fake products obviously goes up.

Luckily for us, the answer's pretty simple: Keep going DTC 😁

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