Amazon Strategy - Six Things Begginers Get Wrong on Amazon

Six Things Beginners Get Wrong on Amazon

🙅‍♀️ Don’t go too competitive too soon on keywords

Going super competitive right out the gates is highly inadvisable.

Without brand reviews or sales history, it’s a waste of money and killing your relevance for those keywords because you won’t convert as well early on.

🙅‍♀️ Don’t put your product up against competitors until you’re established

Amazon is all about a long game.

Don’t go after your competitors until you’re ready to compete. You need reviews and other proof backing your brand and presenting a viable alternative.

🙅‍♀️ Don’t bid on keywords you’re not getting conversions for

This will hurt your relevancy for those keywords in the long term.

🤦♀️ Not separating branded keywords from non branded keywords

Most advertisers utilize broad match and auto campaigns.

Both of these allow Amazon's algorithm fairly unrestricted exploration to find potential buyers.

These campaigns will typically perform well for that reason.

However, most advertisers miss that these campaigns are actually just converting on their own branded keywords (ie. brand name, or features very unique to their product).

These keywords should be separated out to:

1) have tighter control over bids,

2) allow these campaigns more room to explore, and

3) get a more accurate measure of "prospecting" efforts.

🤦♀️ Not segmenting campaigns for their specific goals

Different keywords will have different goals. If you don’t effectively segment them, then you’re averaging out.

A ranking VS. a profiting campaign should look different.

🤦♀️ Not changing your bids

You’re constantly getting more data on all campaigns.

If you’re not updating based on that new info, you’re not maximizing the results you could be achieving.

Depending on how much you’re spending, you need to update your bids at least weekly, responding to data.

Those spending less will have to wait longer periods for actionable amounts of data to be gathered.

Thanks to the Pilothouse Amazon team for the insights!

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