7 quick steps to writing effective long-form copy in pre-sell pages and advertorials


7 quick steps to writing effective long-form copy in pre-sell pages and advertorials

Every copywriter has a favorite long-form copy formula or ‘blueprint’ they use to knock out a page. 

Here’s a brief look at one formula that’s been tried, tested, and proven to work. 

1. Grab their attention with a big promise. A benefit-driven headline that tells prospects specifically what you are going to help them with. 

Testing shows that a great headline message should be urgent, ultra-specific, unique, and user-friendly.

The more of these four “U” concepts you include, the better – use all four, and you’ll have a guaranteed winner.

2. Backup your big promise headline with more detail (sub-headline). 

You want your opening statement to elaborate on the promise you made in the headline. 

You could even use a raving user testimonial that backs up your promise.

3. Identify the problem – your prospect needs to know that you understand the problem he/she has, how it's affecting their lives, and the pain they feel as a result of it. 

If you don’t connect with them, they’ll bounce in search of a brand who does.

Stories are KEY here. :) 

4. Provide your solution – and prove that it’s the best option.

This is where you introduce the solution (your product or service) and explain why it is the best option for them. 

Sell them on the USP, and all the benefits that set it apart from competitors. 

5. Explain ease-of-use – your prospect is busy. They’re looking for a solution that makes their life easier in some tangible way. 

Explain how your product is easy to use. For example, “A simple copy hack that could increase CTAs by as much as 51%.”

6. Prove that you’re the expert (credibility) – people need to feel confident about their buying decision. Display real proof that positions you as an expert and builds social cred. 

Hello UGC! 

7. Detail the benefits – people like cool features, but we’re emotional, too, so lean into that. 

When you’re writing, lean on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help determine the real reason they’re buying, and leverage it.

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