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Radically expand your knowledge, network, and your beliefs about what's possible for your brand.

What is C-Suite Mastermind?


Surviving Thriving in a downturn
Scaling paid social smartly
Diversifying to old school methods
Maniacal bottom line management
Subscription program success
Ecom exits in 2022
Viral creative (high end + low end production)
(Lots more with workshops curated to your exact needs!)

Meet Your Mentors

Watch up close and personal stories and Q&A with some of our all-time favorite DTC thought leaders.
Ridge Wallet CEO
Running a 9-figure business with 8-figure profit
Thrive in a downturn, eCom exits, Q4 prep
True Earth Co-Founder & CMO
$100 Million Sold in CPG
Rapid diversified scale, subscription programs, viral creative
Unilever | The Uncovery Growth Director
Ideating and launching Unilever's next legacy products
Quantum ideation, rapid prototyping, testing, and launching
Blume CEO,& Co-Founder
Zero to eight figures revenue in three years
High growth brand, content and community marketing, gen Z mastery
Andrew Wilkinson
CoFounder and
CEO - Tiny
“Warren Buffett for Startups”
- The Hustle
Fireside Chat: SPAC, IPO, and How to Generate Wealth in DTC
Rob Fraser
Outway Socks
CEO & Founder
Bootstrapped to 8 figure sales as Canada's #1 Sock Brand
Branding and Storytelling, Business Model Innovation,
Internal Team Building
Ridge Wallet CEO
Running a 9 figure business with 8 figure profit
Thrive in a downturn, ecom exits, Q4 prep
Ridge Wallet CEO
Running a 9 figure business with 8 figure profit
Thrive in a downturn, ecom exits, Q4 prep

Why did we create C-Suite Mastermind?

Re-live two and a half days of training with the best

Why did we create C-Suite Mastermind?

As brand owners and executives hold their collective breath about the most uncertain Q4 in ecommerce history, the smart ones recognize that the ecommerce wave is still just getting started and that the rewards for brands who learn to thrive in these times, vastly outweighs the risk of complacency.

We created C-Suite Mastermind to bring together a community of strivers who know that by banding together, building connections, and sharing valuable experience with people who’ve been there, we can level up in ways we didn’t think possible.

What to Expect at C-Suite Mastermind?

Learn from industry leaders with a combined revenue in the BILLIONS.
Interactive, two-way discussions about the most important topics facing DTC founders today.
Recorded hours of shop talk where we break into smaller mentor lead groups and start taking action on the best insights right away.
Curated content and special features designed for best learning and practical experience.
* The replays are designed to bring value to brands of all sizes, agencies, business and marketing professionals as well as freelancers.

Where You’ll Stay

Once you secure your seat at the mastermind, we'll hook you up with a great room rate on a block of rooms we've reserved at the fabulous Delta Ocean Pointe Resort, just a one minute walk from the Marina.

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Mastermind Pass

Replay package
  • Ryan Mckenzie (Tru Earth): Start TV advertising sooner than you think
  • Taran Ghatrora - Blume Cosmetics
  • Elliot Roazen (Unilever): Unconvering the next legacy brands
  • Latest news and strategies from Meta
  • Tony Yu (Vessi): Segmentation, Saturation and the Halo Effect
  • Andrew Wilkinson - Tiny Capital
  • Sean Frank (Ridge Wallet): Build the Next Hermes
  • Rob Fraser - Outway Socks
  • Growth hacking strategies from Tiktok
  • Richard from Pilothouse - Google ads news and growth strategies
  • Nate from Pilothouse - Influencer Marketing
  • Clifford from Pilothouse - Amazon news and growth hacks
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